Solar Energy

Residential Solar Systems

There are so many reasons for homeowners to switch to solar. More and more homeowners in Central Florida are taking advantage of the plentiful sunshine we receive in the Sunshine State, and are putting it to work for their homes with residential solar systems in Florida.

You can expect to reduce your energy bills dramatically, by up to 100%. You’ll also gain the peace of mind that comes with reliable backup power during storms and hurricanes. We can craft a home solar power system installation that matches your home’s unique needs and your budget. Click below to learn more about ProSolar Florida’s residential solar energy systems and residential solar energy benefits!

Benefits for your Family

  • When coupled with Tesla Powerwall backup battery , you can achieve complete energy independence and go totally off-grid.
  • Gain peace of mind and security for your family when natural disasters strike. Solar panels and a backup battery ensure you’re no longer at the mercy of the electric grid.
  • Keep the lights on and appliances running during and after storms.

Benefits for your home

  • Supply your home with 100% clean, renewable energy to power ALL of your electrical needs.}
  • A residential solar energy system can increase your home’s value by up to 15%.
  • Keep the lights on and appliances running during and after storms.
  • Our residential solar energy systems are backed by a 25 year warranty, so you can count on your system living a long and productive life.

Benefits for your Wallet

  • A solar energy system can help you reduce your monthly energy bill by up to 100%.
  • Most solar energy systems help homeowners save so much money that they pay for themselves in 6-8 years.

Benefits for your Planet

  • Solar energy is completely clean and completely renewable. Using it to power your home can help you reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1 ton every single year.
  • Solar energy doesn’t release harmful greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and climate change.
  • Utilizing solar energy requires NO pollution and solar panels run clean and quiet. No ecosystems or habitats around the world are damaged by the use of solar energy


We offer full-service solar energy system design and installation, as well as Tesla Powerwall. Whether your organization is family-owned or Fortune 500, a non-profit organization or public sector institution, we can create a commercial solar energy system that will help you save dramatically on energy expenditures, while your organization does its part to help reduce CO2 pollution.

Attentive customer service

We prioritize your business or organization and it’s unique needs from start to finish.

Lower monthly energy bills

Our commercial clients have seen their energy bills reduced by up to 100% after switching to solar.

Increased home value

Installing a solar energy system can boost your home’s value up to 15%.

High return on investment

With monthly savings, increased home value, and the peace of mind you get with solar energy, your system will pay for itself within 6-8 years.

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