Solar Energy

Solar Energy in Davenport

Davenport in Florida is small but perfectly formed and a fantastic place to live! It’s not far from Walt Disney World and all the fantastic attractions in Orlando. One of the fastest-growing residential areas, it is full of natural beauty. Popular with visitors who want somewhere a little quieter than the main tourist areas and with lots of families living there, it’s also a thriving business hub. That’s one of the reasons why so many businesses (and homeowners) in Davenport choose ProSolar for their solar power, enjoying uninterrupted, sustainable energy all of the time.

Benefits of solar energy in Davenport

Join the multitude of residents and business owners all enjoying unlimited energy supply with ProSolar solar power in Davenport. They’re also taking advantage of excellent savings on their energy bills – that could be you too!

  • Save up to 100% on your energy bills when you install solar power from ProSolar.
  • Solar energy gives you uninterrupted power, even in the worst kind of weather.
  • No more outages, even when the grid can’t cope! You get power all the time, whenever you want it.
  • Grow your home’s value by 15% when you install solar energy.
  • Enjoy a great return on your solar power investment, within just 6 to 8 years of installation.
  • Be sustainable and eco-friendly plus help improve the air quality in Davenport with solar energy.

Our products & services

We are the people’s choice for solar power in Davenport and we’re proud to have installed so many systems to residents and in business premises. Solar energy is the sustainable choice, as well as uninterrupted energy supply, it’s eco-friendly and our service is second to none. We guarantee great customer care, quality products and a superb service from beginning to end.

Solar Energy with Prosolar for Davenport homes

Want unlimited energy in Davenport? Choose ProSolar, the eco-friendly company that gives you power, no matter what.

Tesla Powerwall

Sleek, discreet and slimline, that’s the low-profile Tesla Powerwall, constantly supplying energy with its battery power so there’s no chance of power interruption – ever!

Solar Energy with Prosolar for Davenport business

No interruption, ever, that’s what we promise with a solar energy system from ProSolar, you just keep on doing business while we keep on supplying your energy!

Our unique process

So much to love and so much to enjoy! From savings to limitless, uninterrupted energy – there are brilliant benefits and significant savings with solar energy. Let ProSolar help you, we’ll give you a thorough assessment and a free, no-obligation consultation to show you just how much it will improve your output and pocket!

Top advice

We give you our best advice and guaranteed super service, we’ll even tailor a bespoke package to your exact energy needs.


We’ll visit you at home or at your business premises for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the best solution for your energy needs, showing you how you could make savings.

We fit

Signed a contract? Great, we’ll book in a convenient date and time to fit your quality solar energy product by our expert fitters.

Post Sales

Our service doesn’t end with fitting, we’re always there if you need us but it’s good to know that your new solar energy system needs little maintenance.

Net metering

Why not take advantage of savings immediately? You can when you ask us to install Net Metering!