Wesley Chapel
Solar Energy

Solar Energy in Wesley Chapel

Situated in the Tampa Bay area, the affluent Wesley Chapel suburb is a very desirable place to live in South Florida. Its long days of sunshine are welcome for visitors and residents appreciate the wall-to-wall sunshine. It’s also home to some stunning luxury houses and plenty of leisure activities too. One of the fastest-growing communities in Florida, there’s lots of thriving businesses and a wealth of shopping to enjoy, in-between taking trips to the beach for some R&R! It’s no surprise that residents and business owners like to take advantage of ProSolar energy to keep their homes and businesses running on uninterrupted power.

Benefits of solar energy in Wesley Chapel

For amazing savings on your energy bills plus unlimited energy supply, even in the worst weather, you can count on ProSolar energy systems. Join the thousands of other Wesley Chapel residents and business owners all taking advantage of solar power.

  • Make savings of up to 100% on your energy bills when you use solar power.
  • Never experience an inconvenient power outage again, no matter grid problems or severe weather.
  • Hurricanes and storms won’t interrupt your solar energy supply.
  • Improve your home’s value by up to 15% with solar power from ProSolar.
  • See a return on your investment in as little as 6 to 8 years.
  • Go greener – ProSolar solar power helps clean up Wesley Chapel’s air, reduce the carbon footprint and is an eco-friendly solution.

Our products & services

We are the people’s choice for solar power in Wesley Chapel and we’re proud to have installed so many systems to residents and in business premises. Solar energy is the sustainable choice, as well as uninterrupted energy supply, it’s eco-friendly and our service is second to none. We guarantee great customer care, quality products and a superb service from beginning to end.

Prosolar for residents in Wesley Chapel

For uninterrupted power at home in Wesley Chapel, choose ProSolar, we are the best system providers in the area, guaranteed.

Tesla Powerwall

This discreet, slimline battery is sleek and smart – but even better than that, it delivers limitless power despite outages or poor weather conditions.

Prosolar for businesses in Wesley Chapel

Powering your office or commercial structure with solar provides a reliable, clean source of energy you can count on and that can reduce monthly expenses.

Our unique process

Choosing ProSolar in Wesley Chapel for your uninterrupted, sustainable energy gives you a wealth of benefits. From lower energy bills (up to 100%!) to energy whenever you want – even in a hurricane, there’s a lot to love. Plus, we guarantee our amazing service, putting the customer first. Book in for a free, no-obligation consultation and enjoy what ProSolar has to offer.

Quality advice

We guarantee our best advice, with great prices and a bespoke package that matches your needs.


Our team will assess your property during a free, no-obligation consultation, whether at home or at your place of business. We’ll show you where you could make savings and what we can do for you.


When you sign our contract, we’ll arrange a convenient time for your fitting – we guarantee quality products and quality service.

After sales

We don’t stop at the fitting stage, if you need us after sales, we’ll be there. It’s good to know that our solar energy products need little maintenance!

Net metering

With Net Metering you enjoy savings from the get-go, so let’s install it for you and you start reaping the benefits!