Solar Energy

Solar Energy in Clearwater

Stunning Clearwater is renowned for its magnificent beaches (boasting some of the best in the USA) and abundance of invigorating water sports. A fantastic place to live, it’s also popular with tourists looking for guaranteed sunshine along with a gentle, comforting breeze. With lots of outdoor dining and plenty of leisure opportunities, the area is one of the best places to live in Florida. Businesses and homeowners alike enjoy better energy supplies using ProSolar energy systems so even in those severe weather conditions, losing power is never an option!

Benefits of solar energy in Clearwater

Take advantage of the numerous wonderful benefits of solar energy from ProSolar, such as energy savings on your bills and an endless supply with zero outages guaranteed.

  • ProSolar energy could give you up to 100% energy savings on your bills.
  • Severe weather need never be a problem again, hurricane, tornado, storm, or any other weather won’t interrupt your power when you have solar power from ProSolar.
  • A marked improvement in your home’s value by up to 15% when you switch to solar power.
  • No outages, no matter what happens, that’s the solar power guarantee!
  • A return on your solar power investment as fast as 6 to 8 years from instalment.
  • Better air for Clearwater residents and an eco-friendly solution that helps reduce your carbon footprint when you install solar energy by ProSolar.

Our products & services

ProSolar is the most popular solar energy provider in Clearwater, with plenty of excellent products and services, guaranteeing an eco-friendly solution that you’ll love. When you speak to us, we’ll discuss a bespoke package that fits in with your requirements for no-interruption, long-lasting energy.

Solar Energy with Prosolar for Clearwater homes

Want unlimited energy in Clearwater? Choose ProSolar, the eco-friendly company that gives you power, no matter what.

Tesla Powerwall

Sleek, discreet and slimline, that’s the low-profile Tesla Powerwall, constantly supplying energy with its battery power so there’s no chance of power interruption – ever!

Solar Energy with Prosolar for Clearwater business

No interruption, ever, that’s what we promise with a solar energy system from ProSolar, you just keep on doing business while we keep on supplying your energy!

Our unique process

The preferred choice in Clearwater, we have a number of excellent solar power solutions, and we promise outstanding service throughout. We deliver significant energy bill cost savings, an affordable system that won’t let you down and of course, our top-quality customer care.

Sound advice

When you speak to our team, we provide a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your options, including telling you about the Tesla Powerwall and Net Metering.

We asses we fit

We’ll assess your home or place of business telling you what savings you could make and discussing the best solution for your needs.
Once you’ve signed a contract, rely on our expert fitters to get your solar energy up and running in no time at all.

After sales care

Our care doesn’t end with fitting. We’re there for you even after you’ve had your system installed. While solar energy needs minimal maintenance, it’s good to know that ProSolar will always be there for you.

Net metering

And start enjoying savings straight away – it’s a superb solar energy solution that pays you back eventually!