Solar Energy

Solar Energy in Poinciana

Not far from Walt Disney World, the area of Poinciana in Florida is a family-friendly place just 10km from Kissimmee and home to many residents and businesses. It’s also a popular tourist destination as it’s so near to the theme parks plus the glorious weather keeps it a firm favorite for those looking to escape for a few days in the sun. A thriving area, it is home to some excellent schools, plenty of parkland and lots to do for leisure activities, including numerous delicious restaurants. It’s no surprise that due to its hours of sunshine (almost) every day of the year, the residents and business owners in Poinciana are keen on solar energy to keep their energy going, no matter what outages occur.

Benefits of solar energy in Poinciana, Florida

Why not join the thousands of residents and businesses using ProSolar energy in Poinciana? With savings to be made on energy bills and an eco-friendlier approach, there’s no need to experience loss of power ever again.

  • The benefit of up to 100% savings on energy bills!
  • Never lose power again when you install solar energy in Poinciana.
  • Enjoy up to 15% better value on your home when you power-up with solar energy.
  • A hurricane or severe storm won’t interrupt your power when you have solar energy installed.
  • Gain a return on your solar energy installation in just 6 to 8 years.
  • Be eco-friendly when you install ProSolar solar energy and reduce the carbon footprint while cleaning up the air in Poinciana.

Our products & services

ProSolar energy covers a multitude of excellent solar energy products that are all sustainable too. When you speak to us, we organize a bespoke package of energy options to help you enjoy uninterrupted power no matter what.

Solar power systems for Poinciana residents

For energy that keeps on running without risk of outages, trust ProSolar. Our products are top quality, reliable and eco-friendly, no matter how severe the weather in Poinciana.

Tesla Powerwall

Our specialist system the Tesla Powerwall features a low-profile, sleek back-up battery that delivers 100% energy, 100% of the time.

Solar power systems for Poinciana business

Keep your Poinciana business running smoothly without interruption no matter what and make significant energy bill savings. You’ll enjoy better supply from ProSolar at lower prices, what’s not to love?

Our unique process

Choose ProSolar solar energy solutions for superior service and products, we offer premium solar energy systems, with guaranteed outstanding customer satisfaction. Ask us for your free, no-obligation consultation and find out why we’re so popular with Poinciana businesses and residential customers.

Quality advice

Let us give you our knowledgeable advice and tell you about your solar energy options, including the marvellous Tesla Powerwall and Net Metering.

Thorough Assessments

We will assess your home or business, advising on what solar energy system will work best for you. We’ll discuss the benefits you’ll love when you switch over including those all-important cost savings.

Expert fiting

Signed a contract? We’ll fit your new ProSolar solar energy system with a guarantee too, that’s our great service.

Post Fitting

We don’t just end our service there. If you still need us, you’ve got a question or for anything else, we’ll be on-hand. It’s good to know that solar energy products from ProSolar need minimal maintenance.

Net metering

We also install Net Metering so if you want it, it’s there and you enjoy savings from the very first moment it’s fitted.