Solar Energy

Solar Energy in Deltona

Deltona, Florida is situated between Orlando and Daytona and is right on the coast, giving ample opportunity for sun, sea and surf! A growing area, it used to be geared towards retirement living but in recent times, has seen an explosion in families and businesses. With over 100 lakes (including Lake Monroe) and 19 parks (such as the Gemini Spring Park), there are lots of amazing leisure opportunities and it’s a must visit at Halloween, as it hosts The Spooktacular Halloween Event in the Dewey O Boster Sports Complex. As it’s a growing community, most residents and businesses choose ProSolar energy to deliver uninterrupted power, even in storm conditions.

Benefits of solar energy in Deltona

There are just so many reasons why ProSolar energy in Deltona is a good idea. Not only does it guarantee unlimited, uninterrupted power despite weather conditions, but it also delivers superb savings on energy bills. Be one of the ProSolar customers in Deltona when you make the switch and become eco-friendlier too

  • Switching over to ProSolar could enable savings of up to 100% on your energy bills.
  • Severe storm, hurricane or other bad weather condition won’t interrupt your power when you have a ProSolar energy system.
  • Shift up your home’s value by as much as 15% with solar power!
  • Power outages – even on the grid – won’t affect your energy supply.
  • By installing ProSolar, you help to contribute to cleaner air in Deltona and reduce the carbon footprint.
  • See a return on your solar power investment in as little as 6 to 8 years!

Our products & services

ProSolar is without doubt the number one solar energy system provider in Deltona, with so many systems installed for residents and businesses alike. Solar energy is sustainable and eco-friendly plus, as well as doing a little more to protect the planet, you’ll enjoy our excellent customer care and quality products – guaranteed!

Solar power for homes in Deltona

Never experience a power outage at home again when you choose a fantastic ProSolar energy system for your uninterrupted energy supply.

Tesla Powerwall

This is a slimline, efficient, eco-friendly sleek battery fitting that delivers the ultimate in power – uninterrupted, no matter the weather or grid outages.

Solar Power for business in Deltona

No need to worry about severe weather conditions interrupting your business efficiency – with a ProSolar energy system, your business keeps on running!

Our unique process

There are so many benefits to choosing ProSolar for your solar power in Deltona. Not only will you enjoy uninterrupted power, despite poor weather, or grid outages but you’ll also see significant savings on your energy bills. You’ll be adopting an eco-friendly approach to your power supply too. Our products are all premium quality and our service second to none, choose ProSolar today!

Reputable advice

We will provide you with our best industry advice, so you know what you need to do and the benefits you’ll enjoy when you install solar energy.

Assessing your property

At home or at your place of business, we’ll assess your needs, make recommendations, and show you the savings you could make on your energy bills with a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experts.

Fitting your system

We’ll fit your system once you’ve signed a contract and we’ll make sure it runs smoothly. Expect quality all the way with ProSolar!

After sales

Our service doesn’t end with the fitting stage. We’re there for you even after sales although isn’t it great to know that a ProSolar energy system needs little maintenance?

Net metering

Want to enjoy savings immediately? Talk to us about installing Net Metering and make $$$ savings from the word go!